Promotion of innovative thinking into the HEIs of the MEDA region
Improvement of universities' collaboration ability in innovation
Conduction of collaboration with the economic environment
Promotion of R&D, and technology and industrial up-grading

Fès, 15 oct 2013 –(MAP)- Des chercheurs de 15 pays ont salué le bilan positif du projet "Alliance pour l'innovation de la Méditerranée" (Medinnoall), co-financé par l’Union européenne pour le développement d'unités de recherche au sein des universités en Afrique du Nord.

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"The Mediterranean Innovation Alliance, or MEDINNOALL, project, aimed to promote research and development as well as technology and industrial upgrading. Its outcomes will be discussed at a regional event to be held in Morocco next month".

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Université Cadi Ayyad organised the International Colloquium: Culture of Innovation in the Mediterranean Area, from the 26th to the 29th of June 2013 at the Mogador Agdal Hotel, Marrakech, Morocco.

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